I have a couple of months free time so I am available for new PHP projects. I usually prefer to take on a bit larger projects but small

ones are welcome as well.

Portfolio: (full portfolio here)

Peter @ SeekAGreek
I contacted Swefi with a problem on my dating script. He sorted it out for me in no time, he's very friendly and my site is now fully

functioning due to his help.
Smallpancake @ Smallpancake
Thanks to Swefi's services, I have been able to have a site that I never thought would be possible. They have helped me out so much!

Always helping me with my needs. Thanks again!

You can contact me via MSN (prefered) / E-mail niklasvh@gmail.com. Please do not PM me, e-mail me or msn me instead.

Any questions or comments can be emailed to niklasvh@gmail.com

Kind Regards,