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    Question Unanswered: Questions about passwords and files..

    Ok, I want to force my users to use a ‘front end’ file I created to access around 5 databases by giving them only the password for the front end file. So I have 5 buttons on my front end file and each button goes to a different database. I want to put a password on the databases so that if any of my users navigate to the folder where the databases are located they won’t be able to open any of them. I need a password on the front end itself for security reasons, but it can not be the same password I put for the databases because they could just click on the databases without going through my front end.

    How do I achieve this without buying Filemaker 7?

    I am working on a Windows environment and all my users have Filemaker 6 installed on their workstations.

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated…

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    Hi, kutupla! Have you tried it yet? I don't know so, but I'd think you don't have to do anything special from what you said you're going to do... i.e. make a front end db w/buttons to other db's. Shouldn't the user get a password prompt when a button is pressed? If the 5 db's have passwords and you do not set them to auto-open using a password, it should prompt them for a password when the button is clicked... no?

    I didn't try it myself but I can't imagine it not working.

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