I have a form with tabs. One of those tabs contains a Snapshot Viewer Control. When the form is first opened, the Control is not linked to any source file, i.e. it's blank. I have buttons on other tabs in the form that when pressed, make a snapshot of a report and then place that snapshot in the Control.

Everything works fine up to this point. I see the report perfectly and can scroll up and down, left and right. The is that when I switch tabs and then try to go back, the scroll bars are gone. They always appear for the first report that is sent via a button, but after that, the scroll bars just aren't there. I need them to show up so I can go back and scroll through after switching tabs and so i can change the Snapshot source and scroll through those reports. (I am talking about the scrollbars within the Snapshot Viewer, not the scrollbars for the form itself)

Anyone know what I am missing?

Thanks, any help is much appreciated.