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    Exclamation Unanswered: Retrieving old database- URGENt

    Dear Gentlemen

    Our company made a database sometime back. We had all the files, and we made a client and server accessibility and TOMCAT was used as well as the front end was in JSP.

    The problem that has happened is that we accidently deleted some Oracle files on the server, the client says it cant access the database by host string and says some error of cant resolve hostname. Secondly i wanted to know that we might have all the oracle files, how do we load them into a newly installed computer with Oracle and run it again. Can you tell me which are the important database files, the query files and stuff... my guys cant figure it out at the moment. This is a bit urgent as this project has to be handed out very soon.


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    recover using RMAN
    if you are not using RMAN, recover using your cold backup.
    - The_Duck
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