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    Unanswered: no results from Sybase::DBLib->results


    I run the following query from isql:
    'select, sa.value, sa.attributenr from products pr, string_attribute sa where and pr.shopproduct=1 and (sa.attributenr="1012" or sa.attributenr="1013" or sa.attributenr="1069") and NOT EXISTS (select sp.sub from sub_products sp where'
    and it returns several thousand results.

    However when I put it in the Sybase::DBLib command buffer with
    my $query = "above query";
    my $dbh = Sybase::DBLib->new('un', 'pw', 'server');
    while (@results = $dbh->dbnextrow) {
    more statements;

    there are no iterations of the while loop.

    Please help.

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