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    Unanswered: databases disappearing!!

    Ok, I'm new here and I REALLY need some help here.

    In my organisation, we have a Server with MSSQL 7 running with some databases. Some of the databases are published for replication.

    Now, since Monday, we've been losing databases that are in use!

    The files are disappearing and being marked as suspect in SQL. The physical file has been deleted from the machine even when SQL is running and on some databases are replicating. In one instance, we were making permission changes on a user and it just said that the file is no longer there. And when we checked, the msdb system database had disappeared as well. So now the server is showing up as having no databases. We were able to recover some of them through backups and a handy recovery tool. But now we are helpless as to WHY this is happening. We suspect Virus but we have Norton CorporateEdition running and Liveupdate updating every day.

    I've searched the web for any one that had the same problem, but nothing came up. Only some stuff saying that space was an issue, but not on a drive with 21GB remaining and the biggest database is 3GB...

    Any help, insight or resolution will be greatly appreciated.

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    First of all, see if the service has been restarted. I've never seen a situation when a database file can be deleted while the database itself has been recovered (startup process). The only way you can get Suspect mode on a database is when the service is stopped or killed (with Resource kit tool), the file deleted/renamed, and the service is started up.
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