Hello all,

Maybe someone could help me with this...

When I use DoCmd OpenReport, I can set it up to filter the report for just the item shown on the form (for example, just one store) like this:
stDocName = "SummaryReport"
DoCmd.OpenReport stDocName, acNormal, "1DCCAddWorkFilter"

When you use DoCmd SendObject (emailing a report) how do I identify the filter like I do with OpenReport? Is there another way to do this? So far, it looks like this:

'creates strRecipient as a variable

Dim strRecipient

'assigns an email address to strRecipient depending on table information

strRecipient = DLookup("[EMailAddress]", "store", "StoreID='" & SelectStore
& "'")

'creates an email in outlook using the email address from the table

DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "debtorlisting", acFormatRTF,
strRecipient, , "Report", "Hello", True

Thanks for your help!!