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    Unanswered: can't get bookmarks to work

    Hi, I can't seem to make bookmarks work. I set up a recordset rs and a clone rsclone. I do a findfirst and then add a record if nomatch. then I need to requery I want the new record to be displayed on the form. I've tried setting a strbookmark string, then what seems like every concievable combination of strbookmark,rs.bookmark,rsclone.bookmark,and rs.lastmodified with = sings mixed in and the result is allways the same which is that the form adds it's record then goes to the first record.
    Any help would be appreaciated.

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    Hi Raif

    As I understand it (which could be wrong!) bookmarks ar lost if you requery the recordset, therefore you cannot go to the book mark after requerying!

    The solution is to set a variable(s) equal to the value of the key field(s) which will not change and is(are) unique to the record added. Then use find/findfirst after requerying.



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