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    Unanswered: oracle connect + firewall + port??

    hi folks,

    first of all, sorry for my poor english!

    and now my question:
    we want to connect to a remote oracle server and therefor we have to walk through a firewall. the problem now is, that the server we want to connect to doesn't always use the same (constant) port and sends random port numbers (everytime we connect it is a different port).
    we can't open all ports on the firewall, so wie would like the server to connect via one specified port (always the same).
    is this possible, and if it is, how can i manage this?

    i hope i could explain the problem quite clear and you can help me!
    regards MM

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    Try doing a search on metalink for firewall and you will get back a number of docs suggetsing possible solutions.

    If your using NT for your database you need to set the USE_SHARED_SOCKET registry entry, otherwise you can also configure MTS to always use the same port number.


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    This problem is due to the WinSock implementation. On *NIX servers the port is not changed. You have few options to overcome this problem as explained here:

    Oracle (Windows) & Firewall
    Oracle (Windows) & Firewall


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