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    Question Unanswered: SQL in a parameter formula

    Hi, Appreciate a quick responce.
    I have been doing Crystal Reports for about 2 hours now (wahooo ))), and ran into a problem

    I have an sql, here is the WHERE for it

    (MONTH(hire_date) = MONTH("06012004") AND DAY(hire_date) >=DAY("06012004") AND DAY(hire_date) <=DAY("06172004")
    OR MONTH(six_mon_date) = MONTH("06012004") AND DAY(six_mon_date) >=DAY("06012004") AND DAY(six_mon_date) <=DAY("06172004") )
    AND csxemplo.stat_flag = 'A'
    AND csxemplo.id_code = cgs_time_vacation.id_code

    I put this in to a Crystal Report and it works great, now I need to add start_date and end_date parameters to the report, so most of the where will be in the formula. I tryed several things nothing worked, I can not get the right syntax. If somebody can help me out with the right way to incorporate this into a formula so I can pass the start_date and end_date to the report that would be great. Thank you.

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    what version are you running? I've been told version 10 can do this by a sales person Earlier versions can't. This is one of many reasons why Crystal sucks. This very question is why I emailed the dbforums admins to start this section a few months ago. Do a search for the very 1st post ever in this forum.... still no good answer

    edit: here is the original thread -->
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