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    Unhappy Unanswered: Problem Defining Relationship..........Pls Help

    I'm in process of creating new database. I can't seem to figure out the relation between two of my tables.

    I have one table which will be storing SectionNo such as Section1....Section2....Section3......Section50

    Now each one of this section will have its own subsection like......1A.....1B.....1C.....2A.....2B.....2C

    section1 will only have 1A....1B....1C

    Section2 will only have 2A....2B...2C

    I already have one table called tblSection and i'm storing all sectioNo in this table.

    Now my question is that do i need to create one individual table for each Section subsection ? Or just one table and call it tblSubSection ? And how do i do that ?

    Any suggestion ?

    Thanks In Advance

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    TableA - (SectionID, Title)
    TableB - (SectionID, SubSectionID)

    TableB is created on the assumption that a section may have many sub-sections.
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