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    Unanswered: Track bound form changes

    I have a couple bound forms that I would like to log the changes for. My first thought was to loop through and store control values when the record is loaded and then do the same when the record is unloaded and compare the two. Can Access give me this info (so I don't reinvent the wheel) or is there a better way? I'm running Access 2003 on XP Pro, but the DB is in Access 2000 format, we have one person running Access 2000 on Win 98SE.

    I suppose I could do on_change events, but that would be alot of work.

    TIA for any comments, suggestions.

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    option explicit
    dim hasChanged as boolean

    private sub Form_Dirty()
    hasChanged = true
    end sub

    private sub Form_Unload()
    if hasChanged then
    'blah blah blah

    ? izy
    currently using SS 2008R2

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