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    Unanswered: Unexpected System Error

    I have been getting this message on a test database about every 3 or 4 seconds. It doesn't appear to be affecting connections or other activity of the database, but I noticed it in the db2diag.log file. It has only been showing up for the past 2 days, and before that it wasn't a problem. There have been no configuration changes for more than a month. It's DB2 UDB v.8.1 running on Windows Server 2003.

    2004-06-17- Instance: DB2 Node:000
    PID:2004(db2syscs.exe) TID:2132 Appid:none
    oper system services sqloWaitInterrupt Probe:10

    Unexpected system error 0x6 has occurred.
    This has been mapped to ZRC 0x83000006.

    PID:2004 TID:2132 Node:000 Title: SYSTEM ERROR DESCRIPTION
    The handle is invalid.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    We have a similar issue with our 8.1 databases on Win2003. In our case the "root cause" seems to be coming from "index manager", and not from "operating system services".

    We have a PMR open with IBM but so far they haven't been able to give us any meaninful advise except "tune your buffer pools" (which already show 99.9% hit ratio and no significant direct writes).

    How much memory do you have on your server? Do you use AWE? or extended storage for bufferpools?

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    We currently have a little over 2GB of memory, but we have another 2 GB on the way. We haven't had any problems running out of memory yet, though. Not using AWE.

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