Good night galley,

I would like to know if has how we put in a form, a text box made calculations, so that it shows an accountant same to the of the navigation bar when qualified, that is, show the registration that you meet now and the total of existent registrations, for instance: 5 of 135, in other words, I am in the registration of number 5 of a total of 135 registrations. If this is possible give me please a clue.

I would also like of knowing as it is done in a report the counting of the registrations for pages, for instance, let us say that I have a trelatório with 5 pages and at the end of each page (baseboard of the page) he/she appeared the total of constant registrations in that dictated page and the total accumulated page after page, until we arrive in the 5th page, where we will have the total of registrations of the page and the total of general registrations of the report.

Thankful for any help,