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Thread: ASA 9.0 dbinit

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    Unanswered: ASA 9.0 dbinit

    I have installed iAnywhere version on Solaris 9. After the installation, I sourced the config file. However, when I tried to create a database (dbinit new.db), I’ve got an error code of -82 or the dbinit command hung. Could you verify that iAnywhere supports Solaris 9? If it does, can you tell me why I am having a problem like this.

    I will greatly appreciate your support.

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    indeed supported.

    you should first check if the utility db starts and then start the asademo.db on the utility db.

    At this stage, create some dummy tables in the demo db, if there are problems, it will be evident here.

    Create a new db on the same server using dbinit

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