I'm using crystal reports 8.5 with SQLSERVER2000. When a run a report in my appliction in my sqlserver database in systemtable master.dbo.sysprocesses the column hostname is filled with the workstationid of the crystal report. My question is how i can change the workstationid in the report. If you open a report, click menuitem database. Now you see the dialog "data link properties". Click the third tab ("All"). The last value is workstation id. I want to change this in my c++ code. Does anyone know how. Here is a piece of code where it should be placed in :

m_Report = m_Engine->m_Application->OpenReport((const char *)m_FileName);

CRAXDRT::IDatabasePtr pIDatabasePtr = m_Report->GetDatabase();

CRAXDRT::IDatabaseTablesPtr pIDatabaseTablesPtr = pIDatabasePtr->GetTables();
for ( long nI = 1; nI <= pIDatabaseTablesPtr->Count; nI++ )
CRAXDRT::IDatabaseTablePtr pIDatabaseTablePtr = pIDatabaseTablesPtr->GetItem(nI);
pIDatabaseTablePtr->SetLogOnInfo((char *)((const char *)dsn));
//_bstr_t s = pIDatabaseTablePtr->GetLogOnServerName();