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    Unanswered: JOIN queries


    Can you give the equivalent query for the following Oracle query :

    SELECT col2, col3 FROM submission,
    lkup so
    WHERE so.txt (+) = TRIM(col2)
    AND (+) = 'SO'
    AND so.cde (+) = 'RW'

    In the above query a constant value is used in JOIN, so I am not aware of how to use the JOIN clause for the above constant value ( 'SO' , 'RW' )

    Upto my knowledge about JOIN query equivalents :

    Oracle query :-

    select *from test1 a, test2 b where a.sno(+) = b.col

    Equivalent SQL Server query :-

    select *from test1 a RIGHT JOIN test2 b on a.sno = b.col

    Hope the above is correct. Here my doubt is, if in the above query, b.col is replaced by a constant value say 'abcd' , then what will be the table name used in right of the JOIN clause. Or any other equivalent for this is available ?

    Eg :-

    Oracle query :-

    select *from test1 a, test2 b where a.sno(+) = 'abcd'


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    The(+) is an outter join right?

    How can you do an outter join to a literal?

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