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    Unanswered: Informix 7.31 to 9.40 Issues


    Currently in the process of upgrading from 7.13 to 9.40 on a brand new server. Two immediate questions spring to mind.

    1) Previously we have been restricted to using 2GB chunks. Is there any advantage to using larger chunks. I would presume that copying the db from server to server would be infinately easier if we retain our current db map with 2 GB chunks.

    2) Regarding disks for performance purposes is it better to use several small disks to spread the load or can you use larger disks without impacting upon performance.


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    Please, if the time permits it, the best to be to do dbexport, initialize the ON-Line and then run dbimport.
    Now, this is imposible and you go from 7.31 to 9.4, i suggest you re create all index and run update statistics.
    If this in 7.13, i suggest it that it do dbexport, it reinstall Infomix and then dbimport.
    If you have chunk < 2GB, please only run "onmode -BC 1". Not 2.


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