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    Unanswered: Date and Time Picker Control 6.0


    I have created a form with a multiple Tab control. In the Tab(Main), i insert a DTPicker. When in form view, i click the next Tab(Action) it gave me the error message below:

    "An error occurred in a call to the Windows data and time picker control"

    It appears that DTPicker does not work with multiple Tab Control. However, it only works outside the Tab Control.

    Anyone have a solution?


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    have a look at this

    the game plan is NOT to have the date selector on the form at all.

    make a separate form containing only the date selector, OK, Cancel (and maybe some other useful buttons like year-end, +90 days etc etc). this form needs to be popup/modal!

    _Click() in a datebox pops up the form and (crucially) passes it the control object that was clicked. this should work with or without tabs or any other interferences, since it is the object reference that is passed.

    the popup/modal takes the user selection and places the return value in the calling object.

    try it - i hope the code is sufficiently well self-documented.
    this is now the ONLY way i use the date selector.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Hi izyrider,

    I have tried the codes you suggested, i had only managed to get a popup in the on click. I was not able to get DTPicker to insert the date/time value into the table/form field. By assigning the rowsource to the date field, i can only use the DTPicker once only.

    I am not a programmer and i am have a hard time understanding your codes. If you like, can you assist me along?


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