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    Unanswered: get current users from SQL-Server

    i have an a2k frontend looking at SQL-Server. connection is Trusted so each user is "known" to the server under their real NTlogin.

    each record in tblMain is associated with one or the other of the 20 users: importantly, this is a workload-sharing scheme, and not a security scheme: all users are equally trusted with all records.

    users normally work on their "own" records using something like:
    WHERE ...... AND tblMain.IDrecordOwner = ' & globalLongIDloginAs & ' etc
    but users can choose who they want to be (as far as my local globalLongIDloginAs is concerned) at any time... this is great for handling vacations etc etc. all this filtering is purely local to my front-end.

    now the question: how do i get the list of currently connected "real" users from SQL-Server into a2k

    ...i would like to avoid X logging in as Y (as far as my local globalLongIDloginAs is concerned) if Y is "really" connected to the server.

    thanks for any suggestions.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    I use sp_who2

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