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    Hello !!!

    I have 2 transactions, the first one has MANY updates to the table A and it finishes with a commit or rollback (ONLY AT THE END), the second one has only one insert into the table A that finishes with a commit or rollback, the problem is that the update process takes a long time to finish, and the insert process could be thrown during the first process, there's where I get everything locked cause the table A is locked and my java aplication gets stuck.

    Note: When I execute each transaction independient I have no problems.

    Is there any possibility to lock table A completly for the first transaction and release It for second one ??

    Could you give me any suggestion of what to do step by step ?

    Thanks !!!

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    Are you running these processes by submitting SQL commands from your Java App, or are you just executing existing Stored Procedures?
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    begin tran
    select 1 from tableA (tablock) where 1=2
    if @@error != 0 begin
    rollback tran
    return (1)
    commit tran
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