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    Unanswered: Hardware Opinions wanted

    Currently we are tasked with evaluating our current hardware platform and need to decide whether to look into new OS and processers, or stick with what we have. We will probably have to purchase new machines within the next year or less, based on our current growth. We currently have an 8 proccesers Sun V880 and a 12 processer 1280. We run Oracle under Solaris 9 on these on non clustered environments.
    Can you post some opinions on newer hardware and any feelings why? We are looking at Sun sparc on Solaris or coming Opteron for solaris, as well as IBM P series, and Linux on dell x86. Our main use is high performace database activity. Speed and stability is key. The Sun boxes have been rock solid, but we are starting to bottleneck occasionally at CPU. Cost of the machines is not so much a concern as cost of licences over time. But we can look at more proccessers if that is the answer. Any suggestions appreciated.

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