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    Unanswered: SQLSTATE 08001 SQLerr -300801

    I am trying to install db2 connect. When i am using cca to connect to a db2 on host, i got this error. My hosts file shows the correct tcp/ip address and i am using the correct hostname. Any idea where it could be the problem.

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    More detail please

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    you will this error in following cases.

    1. while catalog tcpip node , hostname , portnumber is wrong.
    double check hostname & portnumber

    2. network issues ,

    try to ping it to hostname

    if you are able ping it , that means , either hostname or port number is wrong

    uncatalog tcpip node & DB , re catalog with right hostname & portnumber.

    by the way , what is your environmnet.

    Hope it may help you

    Thank You

    Lekharaju Ennam

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