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    Unanswered: Accessing forms, queries reports without access

    I am a relative newcomer to database implementation, and I have a project that I am learning as I go along, and am trying to make the project as user friendly as possible. Basically, in access you can create forms and reports, and make a front end to navigate the database. However, the machines still require Access to open these forms. I know you can create data access pages, but that only works for simple data entry forms, and can not be navigated very in the access forms you can type the record you want to go to..such as 500 of 1000 records, but in the data access page you cant go right there, you have to click 499 times to get to record 500. I am wondering if there is anything like html packages that could work with the database, forms and reports without having to open access. Failing that, I would like to just prevent users from direct access to the databases design and forms, but whenever I create a sample database and open it in access it always opens the back end as well as the interface. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Access has a security feature, where you can restrict what people use and alter. They need to be give user names and passwords however. It's in Tools --> Security.

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    Hi bonito,

    Another simple suggestion is to save your database as an MDE file. That way nobody can get to the Code or redesigning Forms/Reports and such. First, make a copy of your database before converting it as you will need it to make any future changes to your Forms/Reports/Modules. Then go to Tools...Database Utilities....Make MDE file.
    This is a quick way without trying to configure out the security features, which are good but you best fully understand how to set it up before you do it or risk possibly locking the database without a way to get back in as so many have done. Hope this helps you out some.


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