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    The oracle database that I am working has a username called "SHARED". Someone issued a DDL statement on a package this morning at 11 AM. Is there a way to find which user (user name) issued it?

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    >Is there a way to find which user (user name) issued it?
    You tell us. It is your DB, not ours.
    Is DDL auditing enabled?
    If not, You're On Your Own (YOYO)!
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    Hi auditing is not turned on. I checked alert.log and found nothing. Let's say the userid is "xyz". I have access to that userid and some other people have too. Is there a quick way to find out who logged into the system with that userid on that particular day?

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    Depending on the time between executions, you can check the V$ tables.

    You can use V$SqlArea to look at SQL statements
    and V$Session to see who ran the statements.

    You tie the 2 together with the Address columns.


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