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    Hi all,

    I recently inherited multiple databases for a research study. These databases use an Access front end with the tables stored on SQL Server. Currently, there is a folder for each database on a network drive. I make changes to the front ends (forms, reports etc.) in a development version of the dbs, test them, have a user test them, and then import them to the production front end.

    Each user has a copy of the front end on their 'C:' drive. The previous developer put together a separate VB app that copies the changed mdb files from the network drive to their 'C:' drive. This doesn't seem like the best solution to me but I haven't come up with a better one. I would appreciate any input.


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    I've never tried this, but I know someone that has used it with great success for around 2000 users scattered around the US.

    Access has two important concepts for this problem. One concept is the frontend/backend MDB file. The other related concept is the Access Data Project.

    By using the ADP, she can make whatever changes she needs, test them herself and submit for QA. Once the changes are "blessed", she can copy the ADP to the servers, and she's done!


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