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    Unanswered: ERROR 2006: MySQL server has gone away

    ERROR 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
    ERROR 2006: MySQL server has gone away
    No connection. Trying to reconnect...

    This is what i got from my MySQL server. I think that it happens when my computer goes into inactivity for several hours. I don't want to lose connection even though my computer is idle forever. is there any way not to lose it? i think that's why it causes a database connection in JBoss server, too.

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    What Operating System are you using?

    I use to get the same error when I used Windows, but now I am on a Unix system and no longer get that error.

    I found that this error happens when your query takes too long. But if you look
    at the process list you will find that your query is still running fine. So if you are not using a SELECT query, you have nothing to worry about.
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    Error 2006:

    it happens when my computer is idle for several hours. my query didn't run long. it was just a simple query....

    still can't figure it out...

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