Hi ppl,
I was facing some problems with my back up images... see thread "Split Mirror backup image problem."

While trying to resovle my problem i came across this solution which is pretty good. The following steps outline using a split mirror as a failover option and these are what i did. Any changes or better ways of implementation are welcome.

For now anyone facing this problem mentioned in my other thread, the stop gap solution to have a backup of ur production is to actually create a split mirror.
i went through the following steps:
1) on the failover system drop all versions of production database
2) tar-gz the following folders from your production
i) <home directory of your instance>/<folder containing the database>
* < folder containing the database> = the folder used during creation of database. It is mostly called DATA
ii) <the container folders>
iii) <home directory of your instance>/<folder with instance name>
3) copy them over to the other system where you want a copy of the production
* note that the failover (other) system has to have the exact same file/folder structure as the production.
4) after untarring and extracting the files/folders to the appropriate folders on the failover, catalog the database on the failover
=> catalog database <db-name> as <alias> on <path>
*<path> = default path of the instance mostly like /export/home/db2inst1
5) os-prompt# db2inidb <db-name> as Mirror. this will put the database in a rollforward pending mode.
6) Copy the latest log files from the production to the failover while maintaining the path
7) => rollforward to end of logs and complete

and VOILA! you have an exact same copy of the database on a failover system. If you wish to keep the failover upto date , simply issue the following command => db2inidb <db-name> as standby. This will put the database in a rollforward pending mode and all you have to do is keep a cron job to copy over the latest logs to the failover. And issue a rollforward database when required.

If anypart is unclear do not hesitate to contact me at bharat51@hotmail.com

I am not responsible for any problems arising out of implementing this solution. Please try it on a test database before going to the production.
This thread is just to share my knowledge on split mirror backup solution.