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    Data warehouse disign tool recommendation

    I am looking for recommendations in data warehouse disign tools. Currently I use ERWin 4.0 and it sucks. In this version, it is plagued with numerous bugs and totally lacks in supporting multidimenional modeling other than simple tagging tables as either dimnsion or fact at comsmetic level. There is no cross platform physical schema generation, such as Oracle or SQL Analysis Server, to support pre-caculated summary using MATERIALZIED VIEWS that are available in both Oracle and SQL Server/Analysis Server. I have not checked with its latest version 4.1.4 version. But given the poor support from CA, I am hesitant to upgarde it.

    I briefed looked at Sybase's PowerDesigner and it claims to support daraware house design. Also accoding the soon-to-release ER/Studio v6.5 from Embarcadero, it also claims to support werahouse deisgn. As of now, I feel that Microsoft's Analysis Service offers the best and most productive design/development/deployment environment in data warehouse. Unfortunately, it is not cross platform and forced user to be locked into their solution. This also true for Oracle's Warehouse Designer which is much worse in terms of usability as compared to Microsoft's.

    So, I guess that I have pretty much sumed up most of the leading warehouse design tools available on the market today and I would like to hear yours oppinion.


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    Further needs

    I would like you could help me in order to give one open source tool to model an ETL process. I don't need a tool to design the ETL processes, such as the creation of a Dimension,... , only to model them.

    Also, I need an easy maintaining tool.

    Thanks world,


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