I am trying to run a DTS Package from an ASP.
The DTS PAckage is But ofcourse on my Database Machine and the ASP on my web server machine..

from what I understand the DTS Dlls are located on the Sql Server directory. To install them on the client(My webserver), I picked them up from the Database machine(where the DLL's are) and dumped them on my webserver in the C: drive.

Now when I try to register them on my webserver, i get the message "LoadLibrary failed..Specified Module was not found", although i give the full path to the dlls.

What I want to know: Just copying the DLL's would work? Or do I need to install them on the webserver, so that they get into the registry settings?
At present when I do a search in the registry for dts, i find nothing.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help in advance.