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    Unanswered: How to refer to the selected record

    I have a form that is displayed in datasheet view. When the record selector is depressed highlighting the record I would like to grab a value from that active record, but I'm not sure how to refer to...or identify which record is active.

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    When you click on any part of the record that record become active.

    For example, say we had a tabular form display with a 100 records and a field for [price]. If we had a macro to run on OnEvent attached to that text box and the action was Setvalue so that the value of [price] would be inserted into a text box on another open form.......then when we clicked on the text box of the tabular form for [price] then the value in that particular record would be used by the macro.

    Or say we wanted to open another form where the IDNumber of the record was to match the record on the tablular form. If a macro or code for opening a form with a matching field value was run from an OnClick the the new form that opened would match the value of the record on the tabular form for which we clicked on.


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