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    Unanswered: Unable to coomunicate CM V8.2 for Windows through Client Machine


    I'm on the process of installing Content Manager on one of the W2k Server with SP 4. The installation includes

    1. DB2 v8.1 with Fix Pack2
    2. WebSphere Application Server 5.02
    3. Content Manager v8.2

    The installation is successful and I loaded Content Manager Client on the server and also another Client Machine.

    The client Machine has the following

    1. DB2 Runtime Client v8.1
    2. Content Manger Client for Windows 8.2

    My problem:

    When I try to connect the CM by using CM client, it is working properly on the Server machine but not working from another machine and it says the error like following:

    [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30081N A communication error has been detected. Communication protocol being used: "TCP/IP". Communication API being used: "SOCKETS". Location where the error was detected: "". Communication function detecting the error: "connect". Protocol specific error code(s): "10061", "*", "*". SQLSTATE=08001
    [SQLDriverConnect] [SQLCODE=- 30081,SQLSTATE=08001][SERVER=ICMNLSDB:USERID=icmco
    nct] (STATE) : 08001

    I updated the DB2COMM=TCPIP entry by using db2set command. And I updated TCP/IP service name at SVCENAME (DB2_DB2) on Communication Parameter setting at Configuration Parameters of instance level.
    But Still Im unable to connect. Still Im having the same error.

    Please advise me that where Im going wrong. Where do I fine the configuration file

    Please advise me that how to solve this issue.

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    Before investigating check if you have network connection? Try to "ping" server from client site.

    ping Server_IP_adress

    Do you get any response?

    Hope this helps,

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    Printing Problem through Content Manager Client

    Dear Grofaty/ All

    I need a help from U.

    I'm on the process of installing Content Manager

    The installation is successful. I managed to see the scanned images from the database on client Machine. Scanning process is running successful.

    I'm facing problem while trying to print the scanned image from the Item Type.

    That is a network printer.

    The printing is okay with other applications like MS word, Excel, etc... from client machine.(from any Windows Applications)

    But When I try to print the docs from CM client. I'm not getting any response or any error message and also the print out.

    Can U please advise me and let me know any solution to solve this issue.

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    communication error when connecting to DB2V8.1 from Websphere 5.0

    I am also facing the same error when connecting from Websphere 5.0 running on Windows 2000 using a datasource to DB2 V8.1 Fix pack 5 running on Linux.
    I have checked the SVCENAME entry the DB2 instance Configuration Paramter and also DB2COMM is also set to tcpip.
    Were you able to resolve the error?
    If yes, kindly let me know.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Why you change the SVCNAME parameter ??
    Are you sure that the correct value is DB2_DB2?

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