application : script will list the all running sybase servers on host, and user will pass the server name as argument or default would be the first server, script will set the environment for said server. 2 script is written to run from any env ksh or csh.

in case of csh , csh script is calling ksh script, its setting up env correctly but not showing echo statements of ksh, how to resolve this?

I have to accept i/p parameter for ksh script also.

================================================== ==
set env_list=`/bin/ksh -c ". /app/dbatools/bin/syb_env_setup.ksh > /dev/null ; env "`
foreach env_var ($env_list)
set env_var=`echo $env_var | sed -e 's/=/ /'`
setenv $env_var
# server-specific parameters are read from a config file
umask 027
SERVER_LIST=`/usr/ucb/ps -auxwww | egrep '(dataserver|repserver)'|grep -v ONLINE | grep -v grep | /app/dbatools/per
l_link/bin/perl -p -e 's/^.*\s+\-[cC].*\/([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\.cfg.*$/$1/g' | /app/dbatools/perl_link/bin/perl -p -e 's/
^.*\s+\-s\W*([a-zA-Z0-9_]+).*$/$1/g' | sort -r`

echo ""
echo "Running SYBASE SERVERS: "
echo "-----------------------"
echo ""