i took an access report and turned it into a web page so people could view the history of cards that were printed. I put a find button on the page so that they could just search by item number and wouldnt' have to scroll through thousands of cards to find their desired one. The problem is, it seems like you have "activate" the page in order to get the find feature to work. If you just use the page buttons and scroll to the next page and then just scroll back to the first, you can enter a number on the very last page and it will take you there. i don't understand why this happens at all. i'd post my code but now it seems as if i can't edit the script. when i try, my microsoft script editor comes up with an error and won't let me get into the code and i get an error from access saying "you tried to perform an operation involving a function or feature that was not installed in this version of Microsoft Access." once again, i know why this came about because it worked before and i looked this up and it tells me it is error code 2002 but i can't find a good fix to the problem. Thank you very much in advance. Have a lovely day.