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    Unanswered: logical log backup


    Just inherited a new system. The ontape -r is done to disk on to another box and ontape -c is going to the local disk on the box.
    Do not have an available tape drive to point ontape -c to, so I was wondering what would anybody suggest. Copy a logbackup file to a different name if I have to bounce the server or stop the ontape -c for any reason. Would that work, or if anybody has a script that does something like that, would appreciate it
    Also Level 0 is performed nightly, I don't remember, does Level 0 include the current logical logs into it or from what point I should start keeping track of logical logs that I'm backing up?



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    Ontape -s tells you the logical log you will need as a minimum. It really doesn't contail any logical log except for the opened transactions records when backup started. If you need to restore, ontape -r will tell you anyway which LL you need to logically restore the system.

    About any script to roll-on the 'tape' file, have you looked for in

    Hope it helps,

    Jose Luis

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