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Thread: MySQL db tools

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    MySQL db tools

    Hey I am new to MySQL. I am used to using Oracle with SQL Plus to run my scripts. My question: is there a good user program I can install on my windows machine to connect to my MySQL db to run my scripts to create new tables and test other scripts. It is a pain having to walk over to the other machine or try to telnet and I can't believe that there is no easy to use programs like SQL Plus for MySQL. Can anyone suggest any programs?

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    I think you should take a look at the latest version of MySQL Maestro, which is available at

    MySQL Maestro supports all the latest versions of MySQL, including MySQL 4.1/5.0, and all of the most important MySQL features, including stored procedures and functions, InnoDB foreign keys, transaction-safe tables, etc.

    On top of everything, MySQL Maestro provides exceptional client-side features, such as multi-functional database explorer, visual query builder, data export and import and many more. For more information, you can visit MySQL Maestro website.

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    if you use Oracle and MySQL databases try AlligatorSQL 1.2.
    You can easily switch between the connected databases, run scripts against
    MySQL and Oracle and Create and Modify all database objects.

    Give it a try ... Crossing borders with AlligatorSQL Enterprise Edition

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    I've used several different tools, but the two I use most:

    Web based: TableEditoR is handy if you have a Win server with ASP running. The price is right, too (free!)

    Client / server side: MySQLFront from is nice; it does everything I need for $25.00

    Hope that helps!

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