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    Unanswered: Book on UDB on AIX,Linux etc. for partitioned DB

    Can anyone suggest me a book which deals extensively with UDB EEE ( partitioned database) on AIX/Linux/Unix.

    There seems to be a UDB Cluster certification guide which was last revised in 1998 - don't know how relevant it is till date.

    So any pointers to books/ IBM redbooks will be much appreciated.

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    That is a very good book ... It may not discuss the latest topics, but the fundamentals remain the same (though there has been some terminology changes) ...

    Advcanced DBA certification guide also discusses about DPF, but it is not exhaustive as the above ...
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    Up and running db2 on linux redbook (it covers the DPS too).

    db2 parallel edition for aix; facilities and concepts redbook.

    The important thing is that the parallel concepts hasn't change much.
    The cluster certification book that you mentioned , I used it for my
    linux DPS reference.



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