Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone else was suffering from this. I am getting a horribly slow connection from my WinXP dev machine to the DB2 v8.1.4 database on an AIX server.

On my WinXP machine I have DB2 v8.1 Client with FP 4 installed using JDBC 2.0. I am using WSAD 5.1 to do my Java dev.

I can setup my database connection without a hitch. But as soon as I make that initial connection, it sits there for about 20 seconds and then returns it back fine.

I use DbVisualizer 4.1 as well, and when I connect to my database - or any db2 database i have - it takes 20 seconds.

Is there some security setting or something in db2 v8.1 that is causing this delay? It never did this with v7.x and when I try the connection on the AIX box its instant. Only when WinXP is going over TCP/IP to the db2 database does it do this.

Any ideas?