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    I have this code:

    Private Sub Combo36_Change()
    Dim idd As Integer
    idd = Combo36.Value

    vrniPodatke (idd) 'private sub

    izbor 'private sub

    End Sub

    and i will have lots of the same code but diffrent comboboxes...IS it possible that I get some kind of "me.value" for the combo in order to write a private sub
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    No, not really. The way you have it is about as clean as you can get. You could go one step simpler and do: vmiPodatke(Combo36.Value). That's really not that much of a difference. You either have to pass the value, or you have to pass a reference to the individual combo box, using something like forms!yourForm.controls(cbonameasstring).value inside the private function.

    Assuming you only need to work with the Value property of the cbo, it's much simpler to keep it the way you have it now.
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    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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