I'm using a WIN2000 Server with MS SQL and MS Analysis Services (MS OLAP).
I build several cubes and get a strange behavior within the aggregation settings.

Some cubes will go through the wizard "normaly".
I choose MOLAP and then start the 100MB option.

The start-button is grayed, the blue graph is going on and
the only button available is the stop-button.

Other cubes give me the following:
I also choose MOLAP and choose the 100MB option.

I click start ...
- no blue graph, not even an initialising message.
- the most left button turns into (Weiter = proceed, go on)

... so nothing happens.

One hint:
I created at least one of these cubes by copy and paste.
Will that cause this problem?
And what if so, does that mean I have to through away the hole
cube and build it from the sratch?

thanks for every new idea.