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    Unanswered: Running out of disk space with replication

    We've got an internal database that replicates with another database server for our website.

    Not all tables are replicated, some use merge and the others are snapshot based and published regularly to the public website facing server.

    However, there's a lot of data (well, large textual data) that's being transferred and it seems to be generating massive log files that continue to grow and grow.

    I'm fairly new to adminning an SQL Server box, so was wondering if anyone can tell me what the best way to keep it under control is? I've heard its possible to truncate the logs, effectively deleting any data that has already been processed by subscribing servers etc.?

    As I said, I'm very much new to this and would really appreciate some guidance, if only to the right part of the SQL Server Books Online


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    1. Change the database model to SIMPLE from FULL
    2. Schedule the database to be backed up every day.(Overwrite on the same .Bak file)

    How ever you still may loose one day worth of data if something goes terribly wrong between the daily back ups.


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