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    Unanswered: Generate Reports through DataGrid and Temporary Table

    Well, i have lack of idea on how to generate report....
    i have try many ways but still failed.

    I'm using Data report of VB6,
    and the main objective is
    i need to let users to choose which records they need to put in the reports
    Have any good idea?

    Well, my idea is using Datagrid to show out all records and they choose from it but i cant update the records inside the Datagrid.
    So i create a temporary table to store the modify records from Datagrid
    but failed.

    Can anyone show me the way?

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    if the datagrid is being populated by a database
    like access - access has it's own report section which you can call from vb
    if sql server -- and happen to have reporting services installed, that is another way

    the old fashion way is still good - straight text

    printer.print "your text"
    printer.print "-----------------"

    if the report is simple you can do it that way

    you asked for good ideas - i just gave you ideas (not necessarily good )
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