Good day, i have an MSc project that is due in 1 month's time. I have done the basic research but the information seems rather vague. I have decided to include details of my project proposal so that anyone who has sufficient knowledge of developing applications in Oracle can throw more light on this issue.

1. Overview

Maidstone Dentist Surgery is a registered private Dentist Surgery with four branches in four different boroughs of London – Greenwich, Hackney, Camden, and Westminster. The Surgery offers general dentistry and a variety of other dental specialities which include; oral surgery, Pedodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and TMD.

The Surgery stores patients’ records electronically. Computer terminals at each dental chair allow dentists and hygienists to view patients’ records and add new information so that complete and up-to-date information is available in a standard format, easy to read and available at the touch of a button.

Patients can book an appointment to see any Specialist at any surgery depending on the proximity of the surgery to their residence. The Specialist will have to be updated with the patient’s records during the appointment and hence the surgery wishes to maintain a copy of each patient’s records across the different sites. The surgery also wishes to integrate all its systems across the different sites, using a common front end application that relies on a distributed database.

It is proposed that the project will design a distributed database for the dentist surgery and implement it on two sites (Obiwan and Quigon). Secondly, the project will design a common user interface for data entry and manipulation. Thirdly, the project will look at possible security measures, integrity, transparency, replication strategies, concurrency control, as well as transaction management in a distributed database.

2. Objectives

(a) Design an appropriate database based on patients’ records, dentist, appointments, treatment, prescription and patients’ history.
(b) Design a suitable user interface for data entry and records update across the sites.
(c) Literature search methods and techniques of implementing data replication, fragmentation, concurrency control, database security, consistency and transaction management.
(d) Design and implement a distributed database for the surgery based on the findings from above
(e) Simulate the proposed system using test data
(f) Draw conclusions
(g) Propose recommendation for implementation

I have analysed the data required for this application and have modelled the data, but do not know what screens will be required to build the front end. Secondly i do not know much about database security, transparency, concurrency, replication and fragmentation. Can someone out there please help?