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    Unanswered: Upgrade Questions

    I installed version 9 of Crystal Reports.
    Our database product uses embedded Crystal 7 Reports.
    All runtime files needed to run the reports were part of their package distribution. What files do I need to update / replace in order to bring the product up to Crystal 9 Level? I know I have to update all the reports also.


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    There are a *lot* of changes between Crystal 7 and 9. You need to check out file RUNTIME.CHM, which is on the CD. This lists the files that you require. This has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It's not entirely accurate, especially if you are supporting multiple languages!

    The Crystal 9 files are supplied as merge modules (*.MSM). I wanted the files out of the merge modules, so I used InstallShield DevStudio 9 to create a "wrapper" project and that can create a (CD-Rom) kit with all the files separately-accessible. As a result, I have a subset of Crystal in my main project installer, but I have four languages in about the same size kit as one language .MSI!

    Hope that helps,

    David Briggs
    Technology Director
    Vector Networks Ltd.

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