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    Unanswered: Icon for databases


    Is there any way to assign an icon to Access 2000 so that it shows that icon in Explorer and assigns it to a shortcut if a shortcut is created to that database?

    I have tried adding an icon to the Application Icon text box under 'Startup' from the 'Tools' menu, but this doesn't change the icon.

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    you want to change the icon for the whole of access application of for a particular access file which you have?

    if it is only the file, you can do so by creating the shortcut first and then change the change the icon (right click --> "shortcut tab" --> change icon)..

    if you are looking at change the icon for MS Access, then go to folder option (control panel --> folder options) and change icon for mdb files..

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    I just pressed "F1" while having the Icon option active in Startup. I got this message.

    "Type the name of a bitmap (.bmp) or icon (.ico) file
    containing an icon to display your own application
    icon in the windows title bar."

    I tried it, and no...the icon of the file won't change, only in the title bar. I call it a "Task bar" but whatever.

    Hope that helped.

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