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    Unanswered: Two Tables - One Form

    I am a first-time user of this site and am impressed that someone(s) could put something this nice up for us for free.......Thanks

    I have an Access form that is initialized to NewRecord for a Renter Table, and is used to add a new record to that table. However, the mailing address comes from a Property Table that I can't seem to grab while the Renter Table is open for a new record. I want to display the Property address on the Renter form and update this information to the Renter Table (note: address is stored in both the Renter and Property Tables, since mailing address could be different from renter address).........Thanks
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    You need to post your db so that we can look at it. You are asking for a very basic struture questions and it will be very hard to explain it all to you.

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    I believe you should refrase your question. However, if what you are looking for is two tables in one form, you must work on subforms linking the child and master field with the field common to both. Hope this will help.

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    Hi cageman89,

    I must agree, to better help you make a copy of your database, Zip and Post here to help. Sounds a little odd and not sure how you have your tables set. Kinda sounds like you just want to Lookup an address from another table, with you can do with a ComboBox to look it up. How do you have the Address fields named in each table? Are the two tables Linked together? So many things to ask.. Help us all to help you.


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