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    Unanswered: hyperlink warning--how to switch off

    In a MSAccess 2003 table, I have a hyperlink column for images stored in a directory on my laptop's hard drive.

    Working in the table I add a hyperlink to a record. When I click on the link, the warning pops up: "Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer . . . Do you want to continue?" Then, "Some files can contain viruses . . . Would you like to open this file?"

    How can I turn-off the two warning pop ups?


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    I am running Access 2003 and have attempted to replicate the warnings that you are getting.

    However, when I create a field with a hyperlink and click on the link, I am opening the website with no warnings.

    Access 2003 appears to have greater security protection systems built in. What I would check is that you have the latest Service Pack installed.

    I would also check what macro security level you have set (Tools > Macros > Security Level) and see if changing this to medium or low makes any difference.


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