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    Unanswered: multi ethernet interface and hostnames


    We configured a system on SunOs with multi ethernet inteface and namely, ce0 and ce1. and each one is assigned a different hostname.

    when I used it with only one hostname defined everything was fine, but not I observe when I try to query as client side o same machine, it randomly use hostname. if query made with hostname scp1 it works ok but if scp1a1 is used it crash. and I see following error:

    (betex@scp1a1): Client host or user (bet
    ex@scp1a1) is not trusted by the server.

    at the beginning hostname is assumed scp1 and all setting was done based on this assumption.

    any idea?
    how can I make a hostname trusted by server?


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    You must include a line in the /etc/hosts.equiv file, quite like one of these:

    scp1a1 betex
    #(trust user betex from machine scp1a1)
    #(trust any user from machine scp1a1)
    + betex
    #(trust user betex from any machine )
    + +
    #(trust any user from any machine )

    Beware of security considerations!!! Better read about hosts.equiv file before.

    Hope it hekps,

    José Luis

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