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    Unanswered: Configure inkjet / laser printer in foxpro for DOS

    Dear all,

    I have few old programs made in foxpro for DOS and work fine in win98/winxp.
    However configuring inkjet / laser printers to print directly from program is a problem. I can print after creating text file and printing through printfile program. My question is can anyone let me know how to configure inkjet / laser printers and add their driver information in foxpro printer database so that i can select these printers from the foxpro database and print directly to printer. I would like to mention that foxpro database has default laset / inkjet printer driver BUT these drivers do not work correctly with most inkjet / laser printers of today.



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    Have you tried using any of the other drivers? I've had the best results using the Laserjet 3 or 4 drivers.
    If you want to add another driver, you will have to read the manual to find all the different control codes and add them to the pdrivers table yourself. That would be a chore.
    Maybe instead, try using the NET USE command to redirect output from the printer port to the printer.

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