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    Question Unanswered: Export Database

    I Export my Database Files daily and keep them Date wise.

    But Now DMP file is going Bigger and Bigger.
    so it takes a lot of space.
    How could i Make INCREMENTAL Export.

    that only the Data which is Not exported since last Export will export to a DUMP file.

    thanx in advance
    Best regards.

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    EXPORT is a poor tool choice for backing up a Database.
    I suspect that you have never really tried to recover/restore a DB by only using export/import.
    You really, really should be using RMAN, in addition to nightly table exports.
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    I dont any thing about RMAN.
    Plz tell me its Detail.

    One thing more that. i'm using Oracle Database 8i.
    and i'm using its Built in Utility Import / Export

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